Comments: When Your Users Give You Feedback: Conferences with Lawyers and Technologists

I'm the person responsible for organizing this conference. No offence at all, in fact I welcome the input. I also posted a comment to Ed's post, which I invite you to read. The short answer is that (a) I tried to invite some others to give presentations, but none were able to make it; (b) many of the presentations will address Mary's point about how we socialize with the technology -- much of the legal scholarship on P2P and other networks concerns how the law is affecting norms and vice versa; (c) nevertheless, there is a cultural dynamic to law school academic conferences that rewards the law school for presenting well known legal academics, which does unfortunately create a self-referential conference circuit sometimes; (d) we'd be thrilled if folks with other perspectives and with perhaps more technological knowledge than us would attend our conference and give us the benefits of their insights; and (e) I welcome ideas for a future conference that might be a bit broader and more inclusive, and would be happy to work on sponsoring such a conference at Seton Hall Law if there were people interested in presenting.

~ David Opderbeck, Seton Hall Law School

Posted by David Opderbeck at March 25, 2004 05:40 PM