Comments: Flashblog Conversations

I think it's interesting that old-media folks like Dale Peskin (who are not necessarily old fogies when it comes to new technologies) are being introduced to this new mode of interaction between communicator and user, which is now part of the set of media expectations that you and I share, Mary, as well as many others.

It will be even more eventful when conference organizers take discussions and steer sessions into entirely new directions based on these back-door channels of participation. On a small scale, digital democracy can offer much more than a show of hands.

Posted by JD Lasica at March 14, 2004 06:54 PM

What a great blog!
I don't know about this conference, but as a simple soul trying to make sence of a rapidly changing world, I consider this blog highly insightful. Thanks!

Posted by Rikkert at March 15, 2004 01:53 PM