Comments: Digital Media Summit Day 1

I found the comments and the reorganization of thought processes into the music industry to be a nail on the head pertaining to the way compelling content needs to be obtained, packaged and presented to the consumer--that's rightly so: Give the people what they want at a time they need it the most. Universality is the key to the Gold Rush Gates. And this vehicle--internet tool is the space for that ultimate inclusion. There has been plenty of talk about the music industry's rut--mess. The mire that it has managed to sink its feet at the very bottom line of finacial loss by the billions. Some may be quick to point to the file sharing piracy elites as the source of the problem; that scenerio may be only partial. I know that the heart of the slippage problem is a beckoning inquiry: "What can sustain the music industry permanently--the foundation of true artistic value or the quick manufactured fad for a measely minute time million dollar scam? I suggest the Digital Media Summit follows my first suggestion and lead off the 21st century with the artist ideology of the "Sound of Literati"--the kids on the streets say the poetry is good. Atleast they learn a new meaningful word--something they can take back to the class room. Thanks for sharing a moment with the Spoken X Digital Media Group--a new experience in digital Talk Shows: Netmusic, Audio Lunchbox, musicnet, Emusic, Musicmatch, Rhapsody, Buymusic, Napster and Apple i Tunes.

Posted by Spoken X Digital Media GROUP at February 23, 2004 10:18 PM