Comments: My Nightmare with AT&T Wireless

Mary Hodder , Eye opening message for all customers like us.I haven't had any experience with cingular but have dealt with at&t , sprint and verizon wireless. They are all the same in one way or the another.Its just that we, the customers have to be alert and be aware of little things so that we can bring these Big Companies down to their knees .Some simple things could be to write down the name and extension number of the agent you are talking to and best thing to just have a digital or a tape recorder hooked up with the phone line and record that when we talk to them,My one year contract just ended with sprint, They were telling me that i agreed to a new contract while talking to a customer rep. which has already begun and i was not aware of it. I argued i didn't and i was talking to them to for about 50 minutes about this and a billing dispute , they charged me for some calls i never made .Those calls were only in the newer version of the bill they sent me and weren't in the previous bill and the fact is both the bills were for the same month !!!!! . I asked if they have a recording as a proof that i agreed to a new contract and they didn't .... and so finally they agreed to it .

Posted by at February 27, 2004 09:03 PM

Know anyone I can go to help me in a dispute with AT&T over bogus roaming charges? Will pay reasonable percentage on reduction in fees. Looking at a $1400.00 charge right now. Any help appreciated.

Posted by Tom Van Aman at April 15, 2005 08:20 PM